"Misadventures of Motherhood"... "M.O.M"

"Misadventures of Motherhood" or "M.O.M" is our ministry for young moms, as of fall of 2018.  M.O.M. is a home for mothers of kindergartners, toddlers and babies, as well as moms soon-expecting their first child.  The ministry aims to give moms an opportunity to belong, feel loved and to have an hour and a half breether away from their children to be refreshed.  This space is for laughing and crying and everything in between.  It's a place to let down one's guard and to be open and honest about similar struggles as moms. Moms need encouragement and need to stick together!  M.O.M. is a place to be encouraged in one's relationship with Jesus and to be cheered on in one's role as a mother!  

M.O.M. meets various 1st & 2nd Tuesday mornings at New Hope Community Church from 9:30-11:00 am.  The children get to be entertained in childcare, while the moms enjoy a breakfast together. 

Also a part of the M.O.M. ministry is the new monthly craft nights, hosted by M.O.M. at the church!  Various 3rd & 4th Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm, will be a Ladies' Craft Night.  This is an opportunity for moms to take part in an inexpensive craft, free of children, and to invite other lady friends to join in the fun.  Craft nights are for all ladies... with RSVP per each craft occasion, please.


 ***For more information about the M.O.M. ministry at New Hope Community Church, please contact Bethany Walton at bethany.walton30@gmail.com or (253-677-0954).