ADULTS: Young Marrieds & Families, Men, Women, & Diamonds


Our Adult Ministries

While marriage brings new joys into one's life, it also brings new challenges as well. The same goes for becoming a parent. Life speeds up, free time seemingly vanishes. Too often spiritual growth stagnates.

NHCC is committed to strengthening families, encouraging and equipping them to create an environment in their home that is centered on Christ. It is important for husbands and wives, moms and dads to make wise decisions and establish healthy, biblical structures in their home life that will reflect a proper understanding of what God desires in our homes and families.

Oftentimes marriage and parenting present problems that you never even considered. Each couple in our group is navigating these rough waters together in community. If you join us on this journey, I trust you will develop quality friendships that will provide accountability and support to you.


Journey (Young Marrieds / Young Families)

Our Young Marrieds and Young Families group fellowship is designed to help build strong, meaningful relationships and offer connection opportunities with other young adults in the same stages of life. Our events range from holiday parties and summer picnics in the park, to spontaneous day trips and casual dinners and Bible studies. These gatherings are fun, refreshing, uplifting, and encouraging. Please see our church calendar for upcoming Journey events. We'd love to have you join us!


Men's Ministry ("The Armory")

"Men get excited about a touchdown or a home-run. Why don't we get excited about Jesus in the same way? We anticipate, plan, take time off work and family to go to a game or go hunting. Why don't we do the same for church or prayer or worship?"

The men of New Hope Community Church are committed to building upon the firm foundation of Jesus Christ through prayer and the diligent study of Scripture. We are intentional in building relationships with one another and challenging one another to be the husbands, fathers, friends, and the bold witnesses for Christ that God desires us to be.

We have called the name of this ministry "The Armory" since the goal of our gatherings is to stop and resharpen the weapons we need in order to consistently live Christ-centered lives. 

Please join us at the church building for our monthly breakfast on the second Saturday of each month at 8 am.  These mornings include a time for friendship, learning and sharing around the breakfast table.  Come join the men of New Hope for this meaningful time!

Please see our church calendar for upcoming Men's Ministry events.

Each fall, instead of going on a 'retreat,' the men 'advance' on a 3-day weekend trip.  Watch our calendar for details on our annual fall "Men's Advance."


Women's Ministry

The women at New Hope are a community who seeks to care for each other in meaningful ways.  We purpose in our women’s ministries to knit our hearts together and encourage our daily walks to demonstrate faith in God and good works toward others.  We believe that strong, loving relationships support such a walk, and so our women’s ministry is designed to foster this:

  • SUPPORT — providing meals for new mothers and those facing health issues; hosting bridal and baby showers for new brides and new moms
  • GROWTH — a monthly breakfast the first Saturday of each month as we gather at round tables to learn and share together.
  • FELLOWSHIP — highlighted especially by two annual events — our Ladies Retreat and our Christmas Tea
  • SERVICE — working side by side, whether in the church kitchen or in a craft room,  seeking to bless others with Christ-like service

The women at NHCC are gracious and loving, knowing that we have all been forgiven much and want to extend that heart of grace to each woman we encounter.  Colossians 3:12-17 expresses in words what we hope in our Women’s Ministry to express in deeds.

Please see our church calendar for upcoming Women's Ministry events.

Also, watch our spring calendar for details on our annual "Ladies' Retreat." (Spring 2019 in Cannon Beach, OR)


Diamonds (age 50+)

Our mission statement:  To be alive for Christ, to encourage others through participation in interactive Christian fellowship, prayer, love, and to help others feel they have value to be used of Christ.

Members are 50 and older ( we are flexible), with no membership fees or dues.  We meet on the second Sunday of each month for devotions, business, and a lot of fun, games, movies, and sometimes pot lucks. Come join in on the fun!! Let's get to know each other!!
Questions? See our church calendar for upcoming Diamonds events or feel free to contact Bev Homestead at: